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Don’t Suffer for Your Art, Profit From It

Make A Future in Art and Design Easier Than Painting By Numbers

Pursuing an online art degree or online design degree isn’t just about increasing your odds of making a living with your art skills, even though the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) identifies 15 occupations involving the creation, design, or remaking of images, products, technology, and information that come with paychecks in excess of $90,000 per year.1 It’s also about honing your talent(s), learning top software applications, and developing the soft skills – interpersonal communication, critical thinking, problem-solving – that employers value most.

Lindenwood’s online, flexible degrees enable you to balance your personal and professional responsibilities while gaining the analysis skills and valuable insights to create positive change for organizations in business, health care, education, and more.

Learn In the Studio of Life

The curricula for our online art and design degrees are designed to challenge you personally and professionally. Instructors blend creativity with practical application to ensure your degree is relevant to your eventual career goals. Close contact with instructors and frequent interaction with peers ensures the core competencies – drawing techniques, visual presentations, etc. – of a hands-on professional can be clearly and effectively communicated online.

Tailor Your Degree to Your Professional Needs

Lindenwood offers a competitive suite of highly rated online bachelor’s and master’s degrees in art and design.

120 Credit Hours; 4 Years

Prepare for a range of creative careers with a strong understanding of the foundational principles of design.

Curriculum topics include art history, photography, video, and web design.

120 Credit Hours; 4 Years

Merge art and storytelling with programming – using top game engines like Unreal and Unity – to prepare for a career in a game studio environment.

Curriculum topics include aesthetics, immersion, usability, and game economics.

120 Credit Hours; 4 Years

This bachelor of fine arts degree explores theories and techniques of studio art and helps you develop the software skills to create digital media.

Curriculum topics include digital art, digital photography, graphic design, and web user experience.

120 Credit Hours; 4 Years

Gain a foundational understanding of visual culture in the context of art history.

Curriculum topics include how and why art was created, who may have appreciated it, and what it means to its audiences.

36 Credit Hours; 2 Years*

Study the visual arts and culture of various eras through traditional and contemporary approaches, and discover how visual culture conveys meaning.

Electives include Baroque art, the history of photography, and the history of costume design and fashion.

*Accelerated option – complete your degree in just one year.

48 Credit Hours; 2 Years

Explore classic and contemporary foundational literature while mastering the craft of writing.

Areas of Emphasis: Fiction, Poetry, Creative Nonfiction.

Career Questions? Write This Way!

Generally speaking, an online art and design degree won’t single-track your career into any specific field; rather, earning your degree is about developing the skills that enable you to maximize your creativity, and developing a professional portfolio. Putting your online art and design degree to good use often is a matter of finding the best spot for you to showcase your creativity and establish your credentials. As you can imagine, there’s an unbelievably wide range of career options thanks to the universal need for art and design.

Top 10 High-Paying Art & Design Jobs for 2021 (Avg. annual salary)5

  1. Art Director ($97,270)
  2. Art Teacher ($84,780)
  3. Architect ($82,320)
  4. Multimedia Animator ($77,700)
  5. Game Designer ($55,380)
  6. Industrial Designer ($76,290)
  7. Interior Designer ($57,060)
  8. Art Gallery Dealer ($49,120)
  9. Art Therapist ($47,710)

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