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Paramedics play a vital role in pre-hospital medical care and emergencies. With Lindenwood University’s online Bachelor of Science in Paramedicine program, you can further your skills in paramedicine so that you can better meet the needs of the job. One of the few programs of its kind in the country, this program is designed for certified paramedics and offers an option for military paramedics as well.

The online paramedicine degree can be completed in four years through an online learning environment. As a student, you’ll learn from expert educators with years of experience in the field as you learn at your own pace and study when it’s convenient for your schedule.

Lindenwood offers many grant and scholarship opportunities to help with your online education. Learn more by completing the form and speaking with an enrollment counselor.

Experienced medics must have a current state paramedic license or National Registry paramedic certification for admission into this program.

Lindenwood’s online, flexible degrees enable you to balance your personal and professional responsibilities while gaining the analysis skills and valuable insights to create positive change for organizations in business, health care, education, and more.

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A Curriculum Designed to Help You Succeed

Prepare for the challenges of caring for different patient populations through an innovative curriculum that has a clinical focus. Our online paramedic program covers key topics such as pharmacology, human development, pathophysiology, and anatomy. In addition, this program allows you to personalize your degree by specializing in one or more areas of study.

Courses you take in this program may include:

Human Pathophysiology

This course will teach principles of human pathophysiology including the correlation of pathophysiology with disease processes for all body systems. Topics such as basic cellular review, alterations in cells and tissues, cellular injury, the cellular environment, genetics and familial diseases, hypoperfusion, general principles of shock and shock management, self-defense mechanisms, inflammation, variances in immunity and inflammation, and stress and disease.

Introduction to Cellular and Molecular Biology

This course introduces students to the scientific concepts of biologically important molecules, cell structure/ function, Mendelian and molecular genetics. Lab activities will reinforce lecture concepts, introduce techniques, and model modern scientific inquiry. This is a rigorous General Education course designed and intended for science majors.

Capstone for the Licensed Paramedic

This final course is designed to assist the paramedic student with integrating their cumulative paramedic education as a licensed paramedic with their baccalaureate studies in order to be a bachelor prepared paramedic. Various topics in paramedicine will be discussed with a focus on current issues in the profession, challenges and leadership. Students will also be required to create a career portfolio that demonstrates their professional education and experience in a meaningful way.

Foundations of Public Health

This course provides a history of public health. It provides learners with the overarching framework, principles, and core responsibilities of public health from a multidisciplinary perspective. It offers students a methodology for understanding populations and population health through an overview of the five core disciplines: epidemiology, biostatistics, environmental health, social and behavioral health, and health policy and management.

Love Online Learning with Lindenwood

Lindenwood brings the best of the on-campus experience – affordable, academic programs, unparalleled faculty support, and a community of diverse learners – to your online learning program. Flexible classes mean you can study when and where it’s best for you and your academic advisors, library services, the career center, military student services, and other support systems are never more than a click or a call away. Regardless of the reason for your online degree, we’ll make sure you have everything you need along the way.

Skills for Diverse Paramedic Career Opportunities

Lindenwood’s online paramedic degree program is designed to strengthen your EMT career skills and help you advance as a leader in your field. Through courses guided by professionals with paramedic experience, you’ll learn new methods for responding to medical emergencies as you prepare for success in advanced paramedic careers.

There are several potential career paths to pursue after completing the online paramedic program.

2020 Median Annual Salaries

  • Paramedic: $43,5491
  • Fire chief: $93,5612
  • Firefighter: $52,5003
  • Emergency Management Director: $76,2504
  • EMT: $44,2975

Take the Next Step Toward Success

For nearly 200 years, Lindenwood University has been committed to enhancing lives through quality education and professional preparatory experiences. Our values – integrity, dedication, excellence, creativity, and community – are core to this mission and inform every aspect of our academic programs. Explore more and find out why we believe real experience brings real success.

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