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Take a look at our online art history program and you’ll discover the master’s in art history and visual culture is more than meets the eye. Our nationally recognized program guides you through the exploration of diverse approaches and the examination of varied materials used in creating works of art. A deeper understanding of the artist and their motivation and intent is established through visual analysis, critical thinking, research, and written and verbal communication. Designed for the working professional, the online Master of Arts in Art History and Visual Culture fosters a broad understanding of the times in which artists lived and how art is framed within a context of history.

Lindenwood’s online, flexible degrees enable you to balance your personal and professional responsibilities while gaining the analysis skills and valuable insights to create positive change for organizations in business, health care, education, and more.

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By combining art history with visual culture, Lindenwood’s MA in Art History and Visual Culture program not only enables you to identify and classify various artists and their works, but also to interpret how those artists (and their works) were influenced by the geographic, economic, social, and political forces of their time.

Art Across the Ages

Study the elements that affected artists and their works across significant periods with classes such as Ancient Art, Baroque Art, Medieval Art, Nineteenth-Century Art, Modern Art, and Non-Western Art.

Historical Influences

Investigate how major developments in culture – photography, games, digital art, world cinema – not only influenced art that was being made, but also how these and other subjects became art.

Art Theory and Criticism

Understand major theoretical and critical lines of thought that have shaped our understanding of art, and apply those thoughts to your study of various periods in art and how various subject are depicted across these eras.

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Lindenwood brings the best of the on-campus experience – affordable, academic programs, unparalleled faculty support, and a community of diverse learners – to your online learning program. Flexible classes mean you can study when and where it’s best for you and your academic advisors, library services, the career center, military student services, and other support systems are never more than a click or a call away. Regardless of the reason for your online degree, we’ll make sure you have everything you need along the way.

See What Visual Culture Has In Store for You

By showcasing multicultural issues in art history and visual culture, this online master’s in art history provides a broad base of knowledge for your professional practice in the visual arts. Take the idea that “art is life, life is art” and illuminate your career path through the far-reaching implications that an understanding of visual culture can provide. From traditional art history careers such as art authenticator, publisher, or librarian to modern applications your degree – Art Investor/Art Lender, Art Lawyer, Fine Arts Expert Witness – the opportunities are as varied as the colors on your palette.

Top 10 Careers in Art History & Fine Arts

  1. Curator
  2. Teacher
  3. Museum Director
  4. Conservator/Art Restorer/Conservation Scientist
  5. Freelance Writer (Art Editor, Art Critic, Art Blogger)
  6. Art Advisor for Private Collectors
  7. Antique Dealer
  8. Art Crime Investigator
  9. Art Exhibit Installer
  10. Art Insurance Adjustor

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