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With research showing how proper nutrition and exercise can improve one’s health, the need for skilled professionals who have extensive knowledge in these areas is growing. With Lindenwood University’s online Master of Science in Health Sciences program, you can boost your career in the wellness and fitness industry and meet this demand for the dynamic field.

This program’s fitness and wellness track provides a strong scientific basis for advanced areas of the field. Prepare for a role as a wellness director or health educator, or build the knowledge needed for an advanced degree.

As you earn your Master’s in Health Science online, you will examine key areas such as public health, fitness, exercise physiology, and nutrition. In fact, much of our curriculum mirrors what you would find if you were pursuing a master’s in nutrition or in an exercise science master’s program.

Additionally, Lindenwood offers many grant and scholarship opportunities to help with your online education.

Lindenwood’s online, flexible degrees enable you to balance your personal and professional responsibilities while gaining the analysis skills and valuable insights to create positive change for organizations in business, health care, education, and more.

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A Curriculum Designed to Help You Succeed

Specialize in fitness and wellness through a curriculum that blends advanced education with scientific inquiry. Lindenwood’s Master’s in Health Sciences is recognized by the National Strength and Conditioning Association for both Applied and Research components of the curriculum.

In this program, you will explore a variety of subjects that are relevant to the fitness and wellness industry. Courses you take may include:

Research Methods

This course provides instruction on the methods and techniques used in the design and interpretation of research involving physical activity. The emphasis will be on styles of writing, library use, and computer applications. A research paper and presentation are required.

Statistical Analysis

This course is the introduction to statistics with emphasis on various statistical concepts and data analytic tools, including normal distributions, sampling distributions, hypothesis testing, t-tests, analysis of variance, correlation and regression, and chi-square. You will receive hands-on experience with data management using computer software.

Community Health

This online course is designed to give you a broad overview of the many dimensions of health promotion, care, and legislation. Topics covered include health organizations, communicable and chronic diseases, socioeconomic issues, environmental issues, and other topics related to epidemiology.

Independent Study

This course offers an independent study in the area of human performance. Your program of study is formulated with an advisor outlining the specific learning goals in an area of concentration not covered to any great extent in existing courses. Topics of study in this course are related to the your special area of interest.

Love Online Learning with Lindenwood

Lindenwood brings the best of the on-campus experience – affordable, academic programs, unparalleled faculty support, and a community of diverse learners – to your online learning program. Flexible classes mean you can study when and where it’s best for you and your academic advisors, library services, the career center, military student services, and other support systems are never more than a click or a call away. Regardless of the reason for your online degree, we’ll make sure you have everything you need along the way.

Prepare for Diverse Health Science Careers

Lindenwood’s Master’s in Health Sciences online program equips you with the professional fitness expertise necessary for successful health science careers. With guidance from industry experts, you’ll explore the science of fitness and wellness, and gain advanced skills in community health.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports a growing need for health educators and community health workers with growth projected at 17 percent from 2020 to 2030, much faster than the average for all occupations.1 This will result in about 16,100 openings for these occupations annually.1

  • Fitness Manager: $51,0322
  • Health Educator: $48,1401
  • Wellness Director: $63,2053
  • Community Health Worker: $48,4101
  • Dietitian: $63,0904

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For nearly 200 years, Lindenwood University has been committed to enhancing lives through quality education and professional preparatory experiences. Our values – integrity, dedication, excellence, creativity, and community – are core to this mission and inform every aspect of our academic programs. Explore more and find out why we believe real experience brings real success.

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